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Equipment Lease and Loan Finance Software Platform


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LTi Leadership Live 2023

Join us along with senior leaders discussing the hot topic of The ‘G’ in ESG, Environmental, Social & Governance. With ESG on the minds of

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Digital Transformation For Equipment Finance Matters

What is Digital Transformation and why does it matter? Digital transformation is the customer-centric reimagination of the future of digital technology into all areas of business. The transformation has brought many benefits to the equipment finance industry and has created a shift in the prevailing thinking and culture regarding adopting technology.

In the new reality of the post- COVID-19 economy, digital transformation has gone from a priority to absolutely critical for companies. Prior to COVID-19, companies took time with a slow and steady approach. However, the lessons learned by the disruption caused by the pandemic, has replaced the slow approach with need to accelerate digital transformation. It is now an imperative that companies begin driving a digital culture into their organization.

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2023 & Beyond: Digital Tech Trends In The Equipment Finance Industry

The key trends in equipment finance technology to look for in 2023 and beyond to look for:

Automation: Streamlining processes and providing faster, more accurate decision-making.
Digital Platforms: Transforming interactions with customers by enabling customers to apply for financing, manage accounts and access information and services online.
Internet of Things (IoT): Providing data on performance and usage to improve maintenance schedules, predict equipment replacement timeframes, and identify opportunities for cost savings.
Block-Chain Tech: Providing greater transparency and security enabling companies to create secure records of equipment ownership and transactions, reducing risk for fraud and errors.

Digital Agility & Operating Equipment Finance

There are many benefits to adopting a framework that elevates digital agility and brings your equipment finance business into the digital age:

Empower Self Service with direct customer access of contract details, secure payments and quick communication

Quick Access to FAQ’s reduces Customer Service Inquiries and improves Customer Satisfaction

Improve Productivity by refocusing your workforce on revenue-generating tasks


Security Threats & How to Choose the Best Cloud Hosting

3 Key Criteria To Look For:
Security & Compliance to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability plus regulatory compliance and multi-layered security

Availability with a 99.5% Service Level and Disaster Recovery

Scalability & Performance to allow for growth and expansion

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The latest news from LTi Technology Solutions, LTi Technology Solutions (LTi), a leading provider in lease, loan and asset finance software solutions.

Digital Transformation and Why It Matters

Digital transformation is defined as a customer-centric reimagination of the future of digital technology into all areas of business, profoundly changing how it operates. But

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Great Plains Functionality

Wanting to understand Great Plains a little bit better in ASPIRE? The Great Plains screen is used to tie the ASPIRE GL accounts to the


Not sure where to turn for help in ASPIRE? Here at LTi Technology Solutions, we want to make things as easiest as possible for you.

Job Stream

Needing to create a new job in JobStream in ASPIRE? JobStream is where new jobs are created to be run once at a scheduled time

Benchmark Setup

Need to set up Benchmarks in ASPIRE? Benchmark reflects the swap rate or cost of funds from the finance company’s funding source, for example, the

Meet Jenny Jarose

When did you begin working at LeaseTeam? July 2013 What office do you work out of? Omaha What is your title and daily job? Director

User Defined Fields Overview

Let’s talk about user defined fields in ASPIRE? User Defined Fields give the application administrator the ability to create custom fields that are not available

Drive By User Module

Looking for a new way to generate business? ASPIRE’s Drive By User module places a configurable form on a website that’s accessible to external users

Tradestyle Overview

Are you struggling with tradestyles in ASPIRE? Tradestyles provide a method to customize and brand the ASPIRE business partner portal for remote users. An image

Meet Josh Sullivan

When did you begin working at LeaseTeam? September 2017 What office do you work out of? Omaha What is your title and daily job? Technical

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Once upon a time (say, around 1998), accessing the internet was an intricate process. First, you needed a computer with a wired, dial-up connection. Next,

Checkup Time for Your System

With a new year upon us, it’s natural that we look back on 2017, set sky-high resolutions for 2018 and promise ourselves that we won’t be

Licensing Overview

Let’s get down to business with licensing in ASPIRE. The licensing update screen is where they ASPIRE license is entered. The listing displays which ASPIRE modules

The Magic of Making a List

If you were to ask someone if they recognize the saying “making a list and checking it twice”, they may quickly establish a connection to

Property Tax Integration

The ASPIRE Property Tax Management System (PTMS) integration module provides users with the ability to give their clients expert service without necessarily having to be experts!

Global Settings Overview

Looking for a few tips on how to get your global settings set in ASPIRE? Global settings are settings that affect the entire system, such

The GDPR at a Glance

“This year, my company will only process personal data if it is designed to serve mankind.” One might think that sounds like another halfhearted New

Equipment Catalog Overview

Let’s talk about how to use the Equipment Catalog in ASPIRE. The Equipment Catalog is where equipment types can be grouped together and organized to provide