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The discovery phase will determine the requirements and development of the project scope to execute the implementation of the ASPIRE™ platform. After completing the sales turnover, a project management resource and discovery resource will be assigned to begin developing the schedule for completing the discovery activities. This will include the completion of several milestones. These resources will document business requirements and develop an understanding of the customer’s intended use of the ASPIRE platform in a production capacity.


Project Kickoff

A resource from the PMO will provide all implementation documentation and the initial project plan to the customer for review prior to the project kickoff call. The PMO resource will introduce all parties and lead the discussion through all of the provided project documentation.


The Implementation Specialist will begin consultations with the customer to complete the configuration of the ASPIRE system. The Implementation Specialist will provide training to the customer’s product owner in completing the configuration of different functional areas of the system. Any remaining configuration that must be completed after the customer has been trained in each functional area is to be done by the customer’s assigned resource per the implementation Statement of Work.

System Testing

LTi and the customer stakeholders will work together through the milestones. These milestones will assure that all applicable functionality deemed as required for production use has been tested and accepted prior to the commencement of subsequent project milestones.


Upon the completion of Module Testing, the initial test conversion of the legacy data to ASPIRE will be processed by an LTi resource. The scope of the conversion will be defined by the legacy system that is being converted in the following manner: 

  • Current LTi Product Conversion
  • Third-Party System Conversion

User Training

User training will be conducted remotely or on-site per the customer’s request. This is scheduled after the last test conversion and preceding the go-live conversion. The Implementation Specialist and the customer’s product owner will lead the customer’s user groups through training based on the configuration of the system and the business processes used during business case testing.


All project milestones should already be completed. The go-live activities will then be formally scheduled. The coordination of all conversion pre-requisites will be defined so deadlines can be placed on all database uploads, data template receipts, and other factors that must be completed to start the conversion.

Go-Live Support

The customer deploys ASPIRE™ into production. The Implementation Specialist will complete all go-live activities. The Implementation Specialist will continue to support the customer for training needs and issues.

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