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Share the Vision: What to Expect at the 2018 User Conference

Few events in the equipment finance industry bring like-minded professionals together to connect and collaborate like LeaseTeam, Inc.’s (LTi) Annual User Conference. Slated for June 26 – 28 at the CenturyLink Center Omaha, this year’s “Share the Vision” rendition will focus on the future of the ASPIRE user experience in the evolving business landscape. Not only will we detail what we’re doing at LTi to deliver results today and shape tomorrow, but we’ll also explore how companies can:

  • Stand apart – how can your company differentiate itself?
  • Scale smart – how can your company optimize its operational efficiency?
  • Grow beyond – how can your company broaden its horizons to embrace new opportunities?

Conference attendees present during Wednesday morning’s General Session will have front-row seats to the unveiling of several monumental changes coming in 2018.  Here is a preview of the 2018 LTi User Conference – including what’s new and an insightful schedule overview.
What’s New in 2018

While the Silicon Prairie’s summer forecast remains unpredictable, there are elements of this year’s conference that are sure to impress.

In previous years, the LTi User Conference has been held during the first week of June. For 2018, the conference will take place during the final week of the month. This coincides with the NCAA College World Series (CWS) at the TD Ameritrade Park in Downtown Omaha. The CWS is arguably the liveliest time of the year for the city’s bustling metropolitan area.

Our seasoned conference attendees are likely familiar with the Hilton Omaha Hotel, as well as the surrounding amenities situated in the Old Market Entertainment District just south of the ballpark. But a fresh, inviting addition to this year’s experience is the Omaha Marriott Downtown at the Capitol District – one of the main attractions in the city’s heavily-anticipated development to the north end of Downtown Omaha. By aligning our conference with the pinnacle of the CWS and the positive buzz surrounding the Capitol District’s opening, we believe attendees will get to experience the very best Omaha has to offer. And it’s all within walking distance.

We’ve also re-envisioned the way we conduct our sessions to help attendees get the most bang for their buck. Our sessions will demonstrate effective ways to utilize our products, and our ASPIRE Product Roadmap for the future. This year we are placing emphasis on user feedback in order to foster a rich and collaborative learning environment. That’s why we’ve implemented Hands-On Sessions for current ASPIRE users to gain practical knowledge and a better understanding of the following topics: Configurable Forms, Bank Funding, Inventory Management, and Workflow & Scorecard. Similarly, it should be noted that the LTi HUB – previously known as the Demo Café – will feature interactive product demonstrations by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Our team of SMEs will be available for one-on-one consultations upon request at various times throughout the week.

Schedule Overview

During our conference, we network, collaborate, learn, innovate, and have a blast along the way; breakfast, lunch, and dinner included. Here is a high-level guide to your week in the Heartland.

  • Monday, June 25:
    • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Training session will run from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday’s session will be a great warm-up for the week ahead.
  • Tuesday, June 26:
    • The conference officially kicks-off, headlined by the ASPIRE v5 Roundtable and two different sessions of Crystal Reports Training. Cap off the evening with the Night of Champions Bash – a corporate tent-style tailgate in Baseball Village from 6 – 9 p.m. Enjoy food, drinks, and good company as we tune in for the final game of the CWS.
  • Wednesday, June 27:
    • Strap in for the exciting news we will be unveiling at the General Session, hosted by President Jeff Van Slyke and Co-Founder Randy Haug. A total of nine sessions will take place throughout the day, including three hands-on demonstrations. Wrap up the most eventful stretch of the conference with the Party on the Rooftop at Blatt Beer & Table.
  • Thursday, June 28:
    • Close out the conference by grazing the Exhibit Hall and attending our final training sessions – including hands-on instruction for Workflow & Scorecard. Still have questions about the ASPIRE Product Roadmap? We’ll finish up the half-day by diving deeper into the information provided by Jeff at the General Session.

For more information, check out the complete conference agendasession detailsevent descriptions, or our FAQ section.

In Review

The 2018 LTi User Conference will share our vision for this year and beyond. The primary focus will hinge on the future of user experience in the equipment finance industry, as well as how we plan to broaden our horizons and expand our reach into the financial services industry as a whole. In doing so, our conference will help attendees understand how their companies can:

  • Stand apart – customize solutions to produce unique consumer experiences, build new partnerships, and strengthen brand identities.
  • Scale smart – develop strategies to increase operational efficiency, manage security and compliance needs, and effectively measure performance.
  • Grow beyond – explore future executive and business development opportunities and issues shaping the equipment finance industry.

For the 113 individuals who already have their rooms booked and bags packed, we look forward to seeing you next week. For those still unsure about attending, there could still be time to do so here.

Finally, a very special thank-you is due to Marketing Director Tessa Shaffer and Digital Marketing Coordinator Kirsten Dargy for the countless hours of hard work and elbow grease they have poured into planning and executing what just might be our best conference yet.