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2020 LTi Year-End Review, and Happy Holiday Wishes!

What a year it’s been! At LTi, we’ve been busy forming new partnerships, enhancing our solutions, creating new solutions, and continuing to enrich our communities. We’re excited to see what the new year will bring. What new technologies will emerge in asset finance? What new technology trends will be important as we continue to navigate the disruptions of COVID-19? How can we make our products and services even better? Here is our 2020 year-end review.

As a mission-driven company, we always want to innovate and enable our technology solutions to transform the industry. This is the main force behind everything we do. So, what have we done this year?

2020 Year-End Review: ASPIRE & LTi News

First off is LTi’s new online HUB, released in March. The HUB helps build a community around LTi’s products and services while allowing our users to collaborate with each other. The HUB offers customers new features and how-to videos to better adapt to the challenges they are facing during the coronavirus. This online forum also opens a channel of communication between LTi experts and our customers.

Next is our new partnership with DocuSign. ASPIRE’s new integration with DocuSign now gives customers the ability to electronically sign documents in a matter of seconds. With a fully digitized signature process, ASPIRE offers customers a faster, easier, and secure way to sign and send documents.

We also launched the ASPIRE Customer Portal, a self-service portal for customers to manage their accounts. Furthermore, this secure SaaS solution enables their customers to make payments, upload, and download documents. The Customer Portal enables their customers to enter service requests for payoffs, equipment changes, and any other customer service request.

2020 Year-End Review: LTi’s Commitment to Enriching our Communities

In March, LTi understood the anxiety and uncertainty COVID-19 was causing for many families around the world. With local families in Omaha and Kansas City struggling to provide food to their families, we wanted to ensure doing our part in helping out. We set up a virtual food drive at the Food Bank for the Heartland and Harvesters in Kansas City and matched what was donated. LTi donated nearly $4,000 equaling to 4,265 meals. With our match, that came out to 8,526 meals.

To end the year, LTi was excited to get in the Christmas spirit. LTi truly believes that hope is a gift that never goes out of style. We partnered with Marine Toys for Tots and donated $1,500 along with two boxes of toys for their toy drive. And we didn’t stop there. We continued to bring some holiday gifts and joy to those in the Omaha community. We raised $3,700 in gift cards that directly went to the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha!

Final Thoughts on our 2020 Year

Lastly, we feel honored to serve our customers and proud to innovate transformative equipment finance solutions today and into the future. To our customers, employees, partners, and friends, we thank you for a wonderful year. We wish you a happy holiday season. Thank you for reading our 2020 year-end review. Additionally, to stay up-to-date on all the latest LTi news, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Here’s to the promise of another great year in 2021.

Wishing you a Happy Holiday and a joyful New Year!