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Equipment Lease and Loan Finance Software Platform

Compare LTi Equipment and Asset Leasing Software

What is the best equipment leasing finance software for my business?

For Diverse Businesses who Manage a Leasing Portfolio, Equipment or Asset Finance Software is Crucial to their Operations.

Bank Owned Finance

Third Party Originator or Broker

Funding Source


Independent Specialty Finance

Broker Lessor

Portfolio Servicing

Captive Finance


Though many software providers may seem to have similar features and functions, not all are available without custom configurations or development. This may add significant time from contract to implementation. Top banks and institutions choose their software based on careful audit of multiple factors, and look to the testimonials of companies currently using the solution, sharing their real-world usage experience. Security of your client’s data should be a top priority, with third party verification and certification as a key metric.

COMPARE -->LTi Technology SolutionsSoftware Provider 1Software Provider 2
Software EcosystemLeasePlus, ASPIRE, ASPIRE ExpressLimited Functionality out of the boxMinimal Functionality out of the box
Installation, Hosting and UpdatesSaaS Cloud HostedSaaS Cloud HostedSaaS Cloud Hosted
Veracode Verified (ASPIRE v5)CHECKMARKRed XRed X
CRM/Sales Force Management AutomationCHECKMARKminusminus
Sales Originations/Business Partner ServicesCHECKMARKCHECKMARKCHECKMARK
Lease / Loan Pricing ManagementCHECKMARKCHECKMARKminus
Loan Quotes & ApplicationsCHECKMARKRed XRed X
Customer Credit AdjudicationCHECKMARKminusminus
Lease and Loan Document ManagementCHECKMARKCHECKMARKminus
Contract & Portfolio Finance / Interim FundingCHECKMARKCHECKMARKminus
Compliance / Risk ManagementCHECKMARKminusminus
Loan Portfolio ServicingCHECKMARKRed XRed X
Active ClientsOver 200 CustomersApprox 130 CustomersLess than 50 Customers
Monitor Ranked Clients53100

Robust Features

Limited Features Available

Not Available


LTi Technology Solutions understands the need for more and more integrated systems. We partner with highly trusted and secured industry platforms and services to optimize our customer experience and provide a holistic equipment finance solution. We also have a deep expertise in Microsoft products and services as a Microsoft Gold & Silver-Certified partner. By combining software platforms like credit integration tools to tax engines into one system, LTi provides a wide array of services that tailor to your market and offerings, minimize disruptions in your company, and eliminate stress on your project teams.

The journey with LTi has been exceptional from start to finish. In a world where mediocracy seems ok, working with an outstanding team and system has been a breath of fresh air!
Rebecca Price, Director, Creative Vision Finance
LTi's ASPIRE has the wide architecture to scale for our complex business.
Jen Martin, SVP, Sales Enablement and Initiative Support at Key Equipment Finance
While LTi has been a fantastic partner for the last 8 years, we know they’ll be a fantastic partner as we grow for the next 8 years!
John Vande Moore, Chief Financial Officer at ENGS Commercial Finance
We chose LTi to work with because we both value partnerships, speed, and the ability to adapt to a lot of changing environments. They were the clear choice for us and they implemented their end to end solution for us in 90 days.
Kyin Lok, CEO at Dext Capital
LTi has allowed us to scale our business from zero to over $400MM in 2020.
Ricardo E. Rios, Chief Operating Officer at Commercial Equipment Finance (CEFI)
Our collaboration with LTi is one of the best relationships we’ve ever had with a technology provider, and they deliver a world-class platform.
Adam Warner, President at Key Equipment Finance
LTi is a trusted and valued partner that helps us move our business forward.
Frank Swann, Senior VP Information Systems at ENGS Commercial Finance
We chose to go from an “off balance sheet” broker to an “on balance sheet” full service finance company. We searched the landscape of rental/leasing platforms and LTi's ASPIRE had the best experience and track record. LTi has been a great partner in our journey through this process and continues to be a valued advisor and partner as we get deeper into the relationship and our portfolio growth.
Richard Veach, CEO, Pure Water Partners
We value LTi’s partnership and the scalability their platform continues to offer us.
Martha Ahlers, President at United Leasing & Finance
We rely heavily on our LTi Technology platform and appreciate the scalability and reliability of the system. With the ability to customize the product to our specific business needs we’ve become more efficient and streamlined. LTi is a fantastic team to partner with!
Samuel H. Smith III, President at Customers Commercial Finance, LLC
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