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ELFA Women’s Leadership Forum 2021: Reinvent Yourself Session Recap

Last week, LTi Technology Solutions attended Equipment Leasing and Finance Association’s Women’s Forum. As a special one-day virtual event, the Forum focused on leadership development for women at all stages of their equipment finance career. This year, nearly 300 equipment finance professionals gathered to learn all about driving innovative leadership in the industry. The Forum provided inspiring speakers, inventive talks, educational sessions, and social networking opportunities.

Throughout the conference, each keynote speaker was preaching one major idea: Be the fire and spread your light to the world. So, with 2020 being a difficult year for most, how can you continue to shine your light and spread positivity? Below is a session recap on “Reinvention: Letting Go of Yesterday to Ignite Your Tomorrow” by Deborah Reuben, CLFP – Founder & CEO at TomorrowZone, and Jennifer Fanz, Country Sales Manager, US Healthcare at DLL.

1. You can choose disruption or it can happen to you

Disruption takes two forms. It can happen to you or you can disrupt yourself. The path of disruption you decide is better really comes down to your mindset. The disruption, like the COVID impulsion that happened to us, had many silver linings. It comes down to how you handle the disruption and how you choose to grow through the things you go through. You can control your mindset, reactions, actions, and responses. When you start focusing on that, you can take the disruption that happens to you, disrupt yourself, and transform.

2. Allowing your past to embrace your challenges

It’s important to be in control of yourself and how you talk to and encourage yourself. It can make a difference when you find gratitude and start actively choosing your mindset. You need the grace to persevere and embrace the brutal reality of where you are right now without losing hope for the future.

3. Experiment continually to reinvent yourself

You have to figure out new tricks all the time and get really curious. You have to create new ways to connect and cannot just wait for someone else to create it. Never stop pressing forward, experimenting, and continually learning until your figure it out. Deborah Reuben asked, “How do I build to be disruption-proofed? It’s not about predicting the future – it’s about being prepared.”

4. Reframe your mindset to overcome fear

Reframe your mindset and ask yourself if it’s really fear. You can reframe what shows up as fear and recast it. You need to ask yourself if you really are scared or is it just discomfort because you’ve never done it before?

5. Being in a mode of continuous learning

Change is happening all the time to us and around us. Things are always changing and becoming irrelevant. If you’re not in a mode of continuous learning, you’re going to get left behind. The greatest skill you can have for the future is learning to unlearn. If you’re in a mode of continuous learning and personal growth, you can be in a mode of anticipation instead of being agile.

6. Finding gratitude

Find a notebook, pen, and a couple of minutes each day to jot down three things you’re grateful for. When you practice gratitude, it opens your mind up to new possibilities and abundant thinking. When you shift your mindset to gratitude, it can change everything in your life.

Session Recap

Lastly, we have the power to choose how we live our lives. As a takeaway from the session recap, it’s important to remember we can choose to be radiance every day. As eloquently stated by Jennifer Fanz, “Excellence is a habit, not a skill.” You have to train your muscles and assume positive intent in everything you do.