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A Congressional Visit with Representative Bacon at LTi Technology Solutions

29 April 2024 | by Randy HaugEVP/Vice Chairman/Co-founder, LTi Technology Solutions

Last week marked a significant occasion at LTi as we had the privilege of hosting Nebraska’s Second District Congressman, Don Bacon, at our office. It was an honor to have him visit as part of his Town Hall Tour, where he engaged with various businesses and constituents across the district.

A Town Hall Meeting

Our meeting with Congressman Bacon served a dual purpose. Firstly, it provided us with the opportunity to share the background of LTi as a company. We shared insights into our 35-year journey, highlighting our role as a Professional Services and Software company, and our substantial contribution to the employment landscape within the Second District of Nebraska. With approximately 100 employees from the district, we pride ourselves on nurturing talent and fostering economic growth within our community.

Equally significant was our discussion on the representation of the Equipment Leasing and Finance industry, a domain intricately interwoven into LTi’s operations. Congressman Bacon and his team expressed genuine surprise upon learning that this sector finances nearly a Trillion dollars of commercial equipment annually. Considering that the US economy in total is $22 Trillion, this is indeed a staggering figure that underscores its pivotal role in the broader economic landscape. We also expressed our appreciation for his efforts in opposing Section 1071 of the Dodd Frank Bill, acknowledging it as a commendable stance against excessive governmental intervention in commercial finance transactions.The significance of data management in enhancing business outcomes and decision-making processes cannot be overstated, underscoring an industry-wide trend towards leveraging data analytics for strategic advantage.

We utilized the opportunity to express our appreciation for Congressman Bacon’s role in advancing legislation critical to our industry. Specifically, the Tax Relief for American Workers Act, which bears significance for the broader tech sector and for LTi as a software company. His efforts in increasing the interest expense limitation cap and repealing Section 174 tied to capitalization of R&D expenditures are important strides towards fostering innovation and competitiveness. The highlight of Congressman Bacon’s visit was undoubtedly the engaging Town Hall meeting conducted with the LTi team. It was a testament to his commitment to fostering open dialogue and transparency, qualities that resonate deeply with our Midwestern values of “straight talk but cordial style.”

Special commendations are due to Jeff Van Slyke, President & CEO of LTI Technology Solutions, Matt Hart, and Andy Fishburn from the ELFA, whose concerted efforts facilitated Congressman Bacon’s visit to our office. Their leadership, dedication, and hard work exemplify the collaborative spirit that underlies our industry.


Reflecting on this important visit, we are reminded of the critical roles of advocacy, civic engagement and leadership that apply to all of us in pressing for policies that propel our industry forward to continued innovation and prosperity. Indeed, leadership and advocacy are core values that LTi has embraced for 35 years of continued success in driving innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic prosperity.