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LTi Names Randi Maddox as Portfolio Migration Manager

LTi Technology Solutions recently appointed Randi Maddox, a 23-year veteran in the equipment finance industry, as Portfolio Migration Manager. In her role as Portfolio Migration Manager, she will specialize in client migrations to LTi’s ASPIRE platform. Maddox’s extensive background as VP for financial companies will help LTi strengthen channel partnerships, develop strategic alliances, and expand migrations. Further, Maddox is in a unique position where she has in-depth knowledge about leasing, lease accounting, and servicing operations. Through previous executive positions, she wore many hats. She was involved with sales, migrations, client services, company growth, management, lease and loan accounting, financial reporting, and much more.

Key Highlights

Industry Experience: 3:00 – As AVP of Household International, Randi focused on personal loans and second mortgages where she learned a lot about the financing industry. She then moved to the Portland, Oregon area for Portfolio Financial Servicing Company (PFSC). As VP of Operations, she specialized in servicing leases/loans, structured settlements, lotteries, annuity, and a wide spectrum of finance products.

Why LTi: 4:49 – While at PFSC, LTi came in as a potential vendor. Randi was a big proponent of LTi because of the people. As VP of Operations, she met so many people on the team and saw how LTi valued their customers. She saw the transparency LTi brought to their client base and how it said a lot about the organization. She knew then that she wanted to be part of the LTi team.

Conversion Experience: 8:20 – At PFSC, she converted over 75 portfolio migrations throughout her career. Having that wealth of knowledge will help Randi be a bridge from a client perspective to an LTi perspective.

In today’s podcast, hosted by Jesse Johnson, Director of Sales for LTi, the episode focuses on Randi’s experience in the equipment finance industry and why she chose LTi. The audience will also hear about her inspirations and personal life. Listen to the full episode below.