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How ASPIRE’s Customer Portal Brings Your Business into the Digital Age

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed how consumers across the world view products, brands, and customer service. In the post-coronavirus era, we will see more self-service customer portals, equipment, and resources for consumers. Although COVID-19 stimulated the role of self-service, we anticipated that self-service technology would be a growing point for the future. In today’s blog, we discuss the benefits of customer portals and how ASPIRE’s Customer Portal can help your company keep a real-time pulse on changing customer data and preferences.

Benefits of Self-Service Portals

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, customers don’t want to wait in phone lines to speak to support representatives. Most customers prefer immediate access to on-demand tools that will provide them with the answers to their questions. In fact, 86 percent of customers are willing to spend more on products and services for a great customer experience. Customers now want immediate and tailored experiences across all touchpoints, accelerating the importance of self-service customer portals. Now with customer portals, customers can put down those comprehensive paper books and user manuals. For example, customers now have the capabilities to access content for troubleshooting, training, community support, and so much more. Providing information to customers at their fingertips is a great way to utilize technology to enhance the customer journey.

LTi’s ASPIRE Customer Portal

The ASPIRE Customer Portal provides web-based access for your customers to manage their contracts securely online. The ASPIRE Customer Portal enables customers to make payments, upload and download necessary documents, and enter their own service requests for payoffs, equipment changes, or other customer service requests. Furthermore, by allowing your customers access to their contracts through the ASPIRE Customer Portal, they can get answers to their inquiries faster than ever before. All while reducing the calls being made to your valued employees. ASPIRE’s Customer Portal offers several advantages. For instance, these benefits include increased customer satisfaction, online customer service requests, secure login for your customers, and access to contract documents.

ASPIRE’s Customer Portal can also help your customers with:

  • Customer Self-Service: Empowers your customers and gives them the ability to access contract details, make payments, and easily able to communicate with you
  • Quick Information: Speeds up the time it takes your customers to get the information they need
  • Reduced Inquiries: Reduces the number of phone call and email inquiries regarding contract details
  • Refocused Workforce: Allows your employees to focus on other revenue-generating tasks

Impress your customers with ASPIRE’s Customer Portal

Lastly, customer service is always the number one priority for companies. It’s already clear that self-service customer portals are great for business success. Their profitability is also clear while having a direct impact on your customers’ overall satisfaction. With ASPIRE’s Customer Portal, customers can have a customized view of their important information while having a seamless ability in developing your customer relationships for the future. Take advantage of ASPIRE’s Customer Portal and see how we can help your organization today!