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Electronic Signatures: Achieving Digital Transformation with ASPIRE’s DocuSign Integration

As the impacts of COVID-19 reshape equipment finance, companies are rethinking the ways they work. Now more than ever, it is crucial to modernize processes and establish best business practices. Electronic signatures present a welcoming solution to the equipment finance industry as it adapts from COVID-19. In today’s blog, we discuss the benefits of electronic signatures and how ASPIRE’s DocuSign Integration can streamline processes for your business and enhance transparency to your customers.

Operational benefits to electronic signatures

In today’s increasingly digital world, technological innovations such as electronic signatures are replacing traditional pen-and-paper signing and authentication. For nearly the past 10 years, federal law has recognized the legitimacy and legality of electronic signatures. One of the biggest advantages to electronic signatures is speed – letting users sign documents in a matter of seconds. Electronic signature tools not only allow users to sign documents quickly, but they also save important documents. In addition, electronic signatures give you immediate access whenever you want. From reducing time in obtaining signed documents, economic savings, security, quick and faster service, electronic signatures provide a revolutionized signing approach to the industry.

LTi’s ASPIRE DocuSign Integration

Electronic signatures have gone from a seldom-used novelty with little market acceptance to a critical part of the equipment finance process. DocuSign is the leading provider of electronic signature functionality. By integrating DocuSign with ASPIRE’s existing document management functionality, this saves our customers time and makes their business more efficient. ASPIRE’s DocuSign integration combines the best of what ASPIRE does with its data capture and document generation functionality, with DocuSign’s best-in-class eSignature management. Getting started is easy. Customers can easily configure their DocuSign account in ASPIRE and add DocuSign actions to their existing ASPIRE Document Templates. Additionally, customers can start creating DocuSign Envelopes from ASPIRE. Many users can also take advantage of DocuSign’s automated workflow in the Remote Signing Ceremony. Emails will automatically be sent to signers based on a user-defined Signing Order.

Benefits of ASPIRE’s DocuSign Integration

ASPIRE’s DocuSign Integration offer several advantages over other types of electronic signature integrations. For example, benefits include accurately tracking turnaround times, personalize email messaging, copies of signed documents in the repository, and real-time contract status updates.

ASPIRE’s DocuSign electronic signature solution can also help you with:

  • Efficient Doc Managers: Allows document managers to focus on document accuracy instead of following up with signers on the signing process
  • Signer Authentication: Inspires confidence that the right person is taking action on the documents
  • Quicker Documentation Process: Documentation is processed quickly with required actions, allowing the documents to be executed correctly for the first time, every time
  • Secure Storage: Easily vault documents through DocuSign’s integration with eOriginal

Try out the industry’s leading electronic signatures integration

There’s no better time than now to adopt electronic signatures into your organization. By integrating DocuSign with ASPIRE, customers can streamline their document workflows while increasing customer satisfaction and happiness.

Accelerate the success of your business by signing up for our webinar through the LTiHub. The webinar will include a personal demonstration of the ASPIRE DocuSign Integration. Please note: To take advantage of ASPIRE’s DocuSign Integration, customers will need to be on version 5.20.