LTi Technology Solutions is growing its Kansas City, Kansas, location. LTi has maintained an office in the Corporate Woods complex since 2015, and subsequently hired their 100th employee there.

At that time, LTi was named to Inc. Magazine’s 2015 Inc. 5000 list, which recognizes the fasted growing privately held companies in America. The company had just experienced an 81% sales growth between the years 2011-2014, with over 40% of the company being hired during that same period.

LTi is currently looking for self-motivated individuals who are entrepreneurial minded and want to have some control over their own career path. To see LTi’s current openings, check out the Career page here:  Current Job Openings at LTi Technology Solutions.

Why choose LTi in Kansas City?

LTi President and CEO, Jeff Van Slyke, recently sat down to talk about what originally brought LTi to Kansas City, why he likes it so much there, and what LTi brings to the Kansas City job market:

“We are still at heart a small company. And I believe it creates a great potential for those in the KC market to be able to get into something that is going to grow, that’s very customer focused, that has a good culture.”

Jeff also shared some of his own history and the career path he took to become LTi’s current President/CEO. He has a very in-depth perspective on the equipment finance industry.

He started as a dispatcher, moved to California to take a position working with one of LTi’s own customers, then found his way back to Omaha with new goals and aspirations at LTi. Jeff talks about the relationships he built early on and how those people helped him grow.

Now, Jeff has a passion for helping other people carve out their own unique career paths at LTi.

“Growth brings prosperity and opportunities in the organization. So while there certainly are career paths for you, growth opens up new career paths. And the people that come in and work hard and find ways to help us grow our organization, are very successful here and will be rewarded.”

Curious about the equipment finance industry?

Are you interested in joining the LTi team, but don’t exactly know what we do?

Jeff took some time to talk about the equipment finance industry (at the 12:40 mark), a niche market LTi serves as software providers. Software solutions are not easy to see as a consumer. But great software is at the heart of every strong business.

Think of the equipment finance industry like this: hospitals, construction companies, farmers, even coffee shops all need equipment to get started and to grow. When starting out, they can use their cash or capital, to purchase equipment outright. But unless they have millions of dollars on hand, most people choose to finance the equipment.

Financing gives companies, “the ability to keep your cash and invest it in other ways to help you grow your organization.” So you use capital instead on things like payroll, supplies, rent, and emergency funds.

LTi Technology Solutions serves the people who finance that equipment. We provide the software so they can manage those lease and loan transactions. As Jeff says in our interview, equipment financing “really is an engine for small [and medium sized] businesses to start, to maintain, and to grow.”

LTi is proud to be serving this industry for 30 years now.

Check out this short video to learn more about equipment finance.

Interview with Jeff Van Slyke

Below the full breakdown from the conversation with Jeff Van Slyke. And remember, check out the link at the top to see our current openings if you, or anyone you know in the KC area, would like to join the LTi family (or just click here to see our Careers page).

jeff van slyke portrait lti technology solutions president ceoAudio breakdown:

  • What brought LTi to Kansas City? (00:25)
  • What do we look for in new hires? (04:00)
  • LTi’s Employee Stock Ownership Program (05:50)
  • Jeff talks about where he got started at LTi (07:41)
  • What is the equipment finance industry? (12:40)
  • What does LTi bring to the KC job market? (22:06)

Full interview with Jeff Van Slyke:


Thanks for listening!

P.S.  Check out our interview with LTi co-founder Randy Haug to learn more about the history of LTi: Celebrating 30 Years: Interview with LTi Co-Founder Randy Haug – Part 1

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