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Equipment Lease and Loan Finance Software Platform



The technology ecosystem of choice to reduce errors, automate data exchange, reduce manual processes and scale with business growth.

Tenured Team

With an average tenure of 14 years in the equipment finance industry, our team’s expertise is unparalleled.

Top Tier Clients

LTi is consistently the top choice for Monitor-ranked companies.


Get to know our Lease & Loan Finance Software Platform.

People and interactions is where LTi shines. LTi has really good people to work with top down. I have great interactions with Jeff Van Slyke, Brett Blankenship, Van Wrenn, Alex Bryson, Alex King, Dannie Langer, Tara Aasand, Nathan Clark, and others.
Cody Seher, Director of Technology at Pure Water Partners
We have been using LTi since 1999... When our bank told us our home grown accounting system would not be able to handle Y2K... we're still here and our accounting system still works.
Deborah Monosson, President & CEO at Boston Financial & Equity Corporation
The journey with LTi has been exceptional from start to finish. In a world where mediocracy seems ok, working with an outstanding team and system has been a breath of fresh air!
Rebecca Price, Director, Creative Vision Finance
We chose LTi to work with because we both value partnerships, speed, and the ability to adapt to a lot of changing environments. They were the clear choice for us and they implemented their end to end solution for us in 90 days.
Kyin Lok, CEO at Dext Capital
We value LTi’s partnership and the scalability their platform continues to offer us.
Martha Ahlers, President at United Leasing & Finance
We rely heavily on our LTi Technology platform and appreciate the scalability and reliability of the system. With the ability to customize the product to our specific business needs we’ve become more efficient and streamlined. LTi is a fantastic team to partner with!
Samuel H. Smith III, President at Customers Commercial Finance, LLC
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LTi Technology Solutions’ Lease & Loan Finance Software Platform is utilized by some the most respected banks and corporations, including 40% of the Monitor Top 100 and 36% Monitor Bank 50.

We are a global customer-centric, cloud-native, full lifecycle leasing, loan, asset-based lending, and finance platform.

LTi President & CEO Jeff Van Slyke

“Our organization is built upon a foundation of commitment, teamwork, and innovation.
At LTi our clients come first. Our mission is to provide them with the highest level of service while delivering a cutting edge technology ecosystem of solutions on a single platform.
We take pride in our team and their long term commitment to helping our clients reach their goals and we never stop
improving our platform for them.”

LTi President & CEO Jeff Van Slyke

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Many businesses today find that their legacy technology system simply is not able to handle the growth they want to achieve.

When searching for a Lease & Loan Finance Software Platform solution, most require a system that removes or significantly reduces manual processes to automate workflow without increasing headcount.

Our clients were searching for not only a better technology platform, but a true partner relationship that will transform their business. With LTi Technology Solutions as their partner, our clients have realized success with our powerful platform as well as our team that become an integral part of their success.