Tips and Tricks

Great Plains Functionality

Wanting to understand Great Plains a little bit better in ASPIRE? Use the Great Plains screen to tie the ASPIRE GL accounts to the accounts they will transfer to in Great Plains. The Export tab maps ASPIRE to Great Plains GL. The Sources tab allows selecting which...


Not sure where to turn for help in ASPIRE? Here at LTi Technology Solutions, we want to make things as easiest as possible for you. That’s why we set up an ASPIRE help area in your customized software. Want to learn more about ASPIRE? Click...

Job Stream

Needing to create a new job in JobStream in ASPIRE? JobStream is where new jobs are created to be run once at a scheduled time or repeated daily, weekly, or monthly. Existing jobs already setup can also be run on-demand from this screen. Running jobs also provides the...
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