Flexible to Meet All Your Needs 

ASPIRE, our comprehensive equipment finance solution taps into identifying your organization’s challenges and constraints and then delivers solutions to propel your organization forward. With our deep history in the equipment finance industry, LTi remains a leader in providing innovative lease and loan solutions to companies worldwide.


Flexible Platform Design

A flexible platform allows for expert configurations for a variety of business needs and workflows. 

Complete Lifecycle Management

Termination, real-time credit checks and decisions, eSignature and document management, midterm modifications, and rollovers. Along with portfolio and asset management.

Customer Relationship Management

The CRM allows lead tracking and opportunity/sales territory management. Along with proposal creation, pipeline coordination, and reporting.

Stress-free Compliance & Risk Management

Stay in compliance with auto tax jurisdiction assignment, robust UCC insurance tracking, user, and transaction security features. 

Financial Product Versatility

Manage any type of lease or loan with a flexible structure and a term and revolving line of credit. 

Adaptive Reporting & Analytics

Ad hoc, scheduled, and on-demand report creation.

Feature Sets

Lessors of all sizes now have access to the same powerful lease and loan solution used by leading banks, independents, and captives. Streamline efficiently, configure easily, and scale affordably with ASPIRE in the LTiCloud.


With ASPIRE, you can manage various types of pricing to easily integrate with different workflows or markets. Pricing in ASPIRE gives you the option to use guided pricing using yield and rate sheets or the option to offer flexible pricing.


With ASPIRE, you can configure invoice templates and work more efficiently with batch processing.

Additional Benefits:

You can use various payment channels:

  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT)
  • Lockbox


With ASPIRE, you can maintain compliance throughout the life of your contracts. Compliance in ASPIRE provides UCC and insurance tracking through integrations with industry leaders.

Additional Benefits:
  • Maintain compliance by using group and user-level security options


With ASPIRE, you can configure your portfolios for any type of leasing model. Portfolio Management offers mid-term modifications while maintaining history.

Additional Benefits:
  • Process partial dispositions
  • Provide flexible end-of-term disposition options


With ASPIRE, you can manage all aspects of a sale throughout its lifecycle, from application entry to funding. Sales in ASPIRE gives you access to review pipelines and pending opportunities, to set automatic reminders, and to view milestone progression.

Additional Benefits:
  • Quick quotes
  • Automatic quote emails to customer
  • eSign disclosures to shorten the origination to funding timeline


With ASPIRE, you can configure document templates and packages to streamline your documentation process. Documentation in ASPIRE provides you with industry-standard document templates and packages that can be configured to your business needs.

Additional Benefits:
  • Store these templates and packages in the integrated document repository


With ASPIRE, you can stay organized and efficiently manage the vendor funding process. Accounts Payable/Funding in ASPIRE supports interim rent and progress payment calculation and billing.

Additional Benefits:
  • Vendor invoice tracking
  • Payment through electronic funds transfer (EFT)
  • Microsoft Dynamics Accounts Payable integration


With ASPIRE, you can access various syndication solutions. Syndication in ASPIRE provides flexible servicing options and pool securitization.

Additional Benefits:
  • Sell contracts and assign payment streams


With ASPIRE, you can manage all aspects of collections for your accounts. Collections in ASPIRE offers robust aging and delinquency reporting. You can assign collectors, calculate payoffs, and schedule electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments.

Additional Benefits:
  • Process follow-ups
  • Notes
  • Collection call results


With ASPIRE, you can standardize and shorten the credit adjudication process by automatically pulling credit reports and scoring deals. Credit in ASPIRE allows you to use and assign credit ratings that drive risk-based pricing.

Additional Benefits:

You can use a robust scorecard setup to apply different scorecards to:

  • Different verticals
  • Programs
  • Preferred vendors


With ASPIRE, you can manage your business relationships efficiently by associating accounts to their contracts, regardless of the account role. Relationship Management in ASPIRE offers transparency and visibility to all business relationships.

Additional Benefits:
  • Manage follow-ups and notes
  • Track business relationships and contacts
  • Review ongoing contract activity
  • Report on application and funding volumes


With ASPIRE, you can stay up-to-date with all tax policies that affect your accounts. Tax in ASPIRE supports all tax payment types and ensures exact tax calculation through flexible overrides.

Additional Benefits:
  • Find Sales, Use, and Rental rates through CCH
  • Address standardization through MelissaData
  • Integrate with Vertex O-Series tax engine


With ASPIRE, you can configure the general ledger to meet all of your accounting needs. Accounting in ASPIRE provides flexible income and expense items and robust reporting.


With ASPIRE, you can easily manage customer service requests, follow-ups, and notes. Customer Service in ASPIRE allows you to provide your customers with a high quality, seamless customer service experience.

Additional Benefits:
  • Key contract information that is easily accessible
  • Prompt turnaround times to customers

LTi has over 12 years of cloud-hosting expertise and more active cloud users than anyone else in the industry. So when it comes to giving you faster implementations, top-level security, reliable disaster recovery, operational agility, and more profitable scalability, ASPIRE in the LTiCloud is your ideal equipment finance solution.

ASPIRE Integrations

Optimization is a critical piece of any lease and loan solution. Our products feature a wide range of third-party

integrations that improve your business’ workflow efficiency.

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