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Digital Transformation For Equipment Finance Matters

What is Digital Transformation and why does it matter? Digital transformation is the customer-centric reimagination of the future of digital technology into all areas of business. The transformation has brought many benefits to the equipment finance industry and has created a shift in the prevailing thinking and culture regarding adopting technology.

In the new reality of the post- COVID-19 economy, digital transformation has gone from a priority to absolutely critical for companies. Prior to COVID-19, companies took time with a slow and steady approach. However, the lessons learned by the disruption caused by the pandemic, has replaced the slow approach with need to accelerate digital transformation. It is now an imperative that companies begin driving a digital culture into their organization.

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2023 & Beyond: Digital Tech Trends In The Equipment Finance Industry

The key trends in equipment finance technology to look for in 2023 and beyond to look for:

Automation: Streamlining processes and providing faster, more accurate decision-making.
Digital Platforms: Transforming interactions with customers by enabling customers to apply for financing, manage accounts and access information and services online.
Internet of Things (IoT): Providing data on performance and usage to improve maintenance schedules, predict equipment replacement timeframes, and identify opportunities for cost savings.
Block-Chain Tech: Providing greater transparency and security enabling companies to create secure records of equipment ownership and transactions, reducing risk for fraud and errors.

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Digital Agility & Operating Equipment Finance

There are many benefits to adopting a framework that elevates digital agility and brings your equipment finance business into the digital age:

Empower Self Service with direct customer access of contract details, secure payments and quick communication

Quick Access to FAQ’s reduces Customer Service Inquiries and improves Customer Satisfaction

Improve Productivity by refocusing your workforce on revenue-generating tasks


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May 2021

Randy Haug, Executive Vice President, Vice Chairman, and Co-Founder of LTi recently spoke about how the equipment finance industry has been dealing with the pandemic, the highs, and lows of 2020, and the future of equipment finance for 2021.

April 2021

(Originally published in the Leasing Life)

Last year was an historic year for UK’s financial marketplace at large. The pandemic’s economic and social impact was felt acutely by small businesses, which led to many losses and severe business interruptions.

April 2021

(Originally published in World Leasing Review)

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Oct 2020

(Originally published in the World Leasing Yearbook)

“Customer journey” is a term that dominates the landscape of asset finance – and for good reason.


Sept 2019

(Originally published in Canadian Equipment Finance magazine)

A cautious approach to technology is understandable. Just make sure you are not waiting too long.

July 2019

(Originally published in the Canadian Equipment Finance magazine Summer 2019 issue.)

Going green is becoming a directive more than a movement, especially here in Canada. The Canada’s Changing Climate Report (CCCR), released April 2, 2019 by Environment and Climate Change Canada, states that we are experiencing overall warming at twice the global average.