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May 2021

Randy Haug, Executive Vice President, Vice Chairman, and Co-Founder of LTi recently spoke about how the equipment finance industry has been dealing with the pandemic, the highs, and lows of 2020, and the future of equipment finance for 2021.

April 2021

(Originally published in the Leasing Life)

Last year was an historic year for UK’s financial marketplace at large. The pandemic’s economic and social impact was felt acutely by small businesses, which led to many losses and severe business interruptions.

April 2021

(Originally published in World Leasing Review)

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Oct 2020

(Originally published in the World Leasing Yearbook)

“Customer journey” is a term that dominates the landscape of asset finance – and for good reason.


Sept 2019

(Originally published in Canadian Equipment Finance magazine)

A cautious approach to technology is understandable. Just make sure you are not waiting too long.

July 2019

(Originally published in the Canadian Equipment Finance magazine Summer 2019 issue.)

Going green is becoming a directive more than a movement, especially here in Canada. The Canada’s Changing Climate Report (CCCR), released April 2, 2019 by Environment and Climate Change Canada, states that we are experiencing overall warming at twice the global average.