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Executive Leadership

Randy Haug

Randy Haug

EVP/Vice Chairman/Co-Founder

Randy Haug is the Executive Vice President, Vice Chairman, and Co-Founder at LTi. He is responsible for overseeing the market direction and strategies of LTi and serves as an advisor to clients regarding their business issues and strategies. He has spent the majority of his career in the equipment finance industry, working and mentoring LTi’s Executive Management Group, Divisional Managers, Product Managers, Sales, Account Managers, and Marketing team. He is widely considered an industry thought leader and uses his consultative problem-solving skill set to improve the lives of those at LTi as well as those in the industry he collaborates with. He also enjoys working with both of his sons in the business, who have become Subject Matter Experts and leaders in their own right. While Executive Vice President, Vice Chairman, and Co-Founder is his primary job function by day, Randy also loves traveling, as well as spending time with his family, friends, and grandson.

He has participated in a number of different industry associations, including:

  • Member of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA) Advocacy Advisory Committee
  • Executive Committee Board Member & Development Committee Chair for Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation (ELFF)
  • Board of Trustee to ELFF
  • Past President of the National Equipment and Finance Association (NEFA)
  • Current Chair and Co-Founder of the Chris Walker Education Committee of NEFA

He has also participated in a number of different industry association committees in both the ELFA and NEFA associations and has been an industry speaker and panelist at a number of educational events within those associations. Randy is a servant leader and has previously sat on board level positions in many industry companies and organizations.

Key Contributor to ELFA, ELFF, NEFA, CLFA, FLA Chris Walker Education Fund Co-founder Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce

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Top Five Key Strategic Insights from the 2024 National ELFA Funding Conference: 1. Optimism in the Equipment Finance Industry especially in sectors such as small ticket/vendor, middle market and structured finance. 2. Strategic Growth and Innovation as strategic decisions to diversity portfolios into higher margin sectors emerge that take advantage of powerful state of the art technology. 2. Rise of Private Equity and Private Credit creating niches in Equipment Finance ecosystem. Combined with newly emerging financial backing with traditional bank lessors on large transactions, they will be a disruptive force driving industry change. 4. Captive Finance Companies Experience Shift as they actively seek additional sources of capital to sustain their growth as their manufacturers equipment prices continue to grow. 5. Evolution in Bank Equipment Finance Marketplace as they continue to evolve and focus on larger project finance opportunities such as Clean Energy, Railcar Financing and projects funded with depositor relationships.