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Equipment Lease and Loan Finance Software Platform

Workflow/Automation Module

It’s right in the name. Own your streamlined contract process with ASPIRE’s customizable Workflow and Automation process.

Through LeaseTeam’s ASPIRE, the Workflow and Automation module keeps your contracts moving from start to finish with processes built just for you. The customizable components include configurable forms, contract statuses, work queues, and restricted user access based on contracts, finance company, finance program, and work queues. The Advanced Workflow and Automation module dives deeper into contracts, allowing you to customize contract profiles, automatic credit scorecards, create triggers for different tasks, and much more.

This module, depending on your internal processes, can automatically pull, score, and approve or decline credit. What’s more, ASPIRE will then automatically create any approval or decline documentation required, and e-mail it to your customers without interaction by you or your organization.

To learn more about ASPIRE’s Workflow/Automation module, check out our website at or send an email to [email protected].