For the second straight year, Omaha, Neb., has been named the top city for tech workers in America. This is according to an annual study conducted by SmartAsset.

No matter how many times that gets typed, it’s still somewhat surprising to read out loud, at least if you’re not from Omaha. Most of the conversations I’ve had with people outside Nebraska about what Nebraska is like usually include these three things:

While those perceptions aren’t entirely accurate, the words “Nebraska” and “Technology” surely won’t inspire too many future Google searches. So if you read more about the study, claiming this honor for two straight years seems about right.

The study collected data on the cost of living and prospects for tech employment. This includes 230 of the largest cities in America and originally included three metrics:

  • Cost of living
  • Ratio of the city’s median tech wage (compared to the overall median wage)
  • Tech employment rate

For this study, SmartAsset added two more components. Furthermore, median income for tech workers and the unemployment rate for workers with a bachelor’s degree.

Here’s how Omaha scored for 2015:

  • Percent of Workforce in Tech: 3.7%
  • Average Salary: $74,710
  • Ratio of Tech Wage to Average Wage: 1.72
  • Cost of Living Index: 88.3
  • Unemployment (Bachelor’s Degree): 2.5%
  • Index: 100.00

Omaha’s low cost of living and lower unemployment rate helps benefit the city. It’s also worth noting that the cost of living index and unemployment rate for the rest of the top five were similar to that of Omaha’s.

When you consider these metrics, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the city atop these rankings again next year! Especially, the way Omaha’s economy has been able to grow lately. LTi is proud to be one of those tech companies in Omaha!

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