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Equipment Lease and Loan Finance Software Platform



Scalable Platform

Your customers want answers quickly and swiftly. Streamlined efficiency matters. Give them an origination experience that will prioritize their needs.

Scalable Origination Platform that Configures Seamlessly for a Variety of Business Needs and Workflows

Deliver excellent customer service. Faster processing times. Improved flexibility through automation. ASPIRE provides a holistic origination platform to all ticket sizes and business types.

  • Create multiple deal flows to expedite operations
  • Tailored payment structure to support your specifications
  • Partner with credit bureaus for quick results
  • Unlimited, secure document creation, sharing, and approvals
  • Connect an unlimited number of assets to a single transaction
  • End-to-end auditable and configurable workflow, fast transactions, and ensured service levels

Key Features

Risk-based pricing capabilities improve profitability and allow you to cover greater potential losses. Expand your services and provide consistency throughout your business.

ASPIRE is capable of integrating into one or multiple back-end systems and allows you to scale your business and save money and resources. Connect your entire origination process into a single integrated platform.

Optimize ASPIRE to your third-party vendors through trusted portals, creating powerful bi-directional integrations to maximize your company’s productivity and profitability.

Give your customers the flexibility and speed to funding the assets they need without having to complete a new application each time. Offer instant solutions for your customers while securing your business. Predict results with decision tracking and balanced scorecards to provide reliable and accurate decisions.

Connect your business functions using ASPIRE’s open API functionality. Seamlessly integrate with other third-party vendors for accurate decisioning and improved customer service.

Manage any type of lease or loan with a  flexible structure and a term and revolving line of credit. 

Accelerate the contract process for your customers by using electronic signatures. Using electronic signatures provides a high level of security and fast turnaround in time-sensitive situations.

The newest version of ASPIRE anticipates major changes, manages risks, and creates new opportunities in the equipment finance industry. ASPIRE is designed to empower leaders and business objectives.

 LTi Technology Solutions understands the need for more and more integrated systems. We have partnered with highly trusted and secured industry platforms and services to optimize our customer experience and provide a holistic leasing solution.