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They say that variety is the spice of life, which is why ASPIRE has partnered with MicroBilt. Now ASPIRE users can smoothly and efficiently pull numerous Credit Products for a wide variety of account role types.

This integration allows users to connect and pull reports from multiple Credit Bureaus. That includes Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, Paynet, Transunion and more. Numerous MicroBilt accounts can be configured in ASPIRE. The integration allows users to associate different MicroBilt accounts to specific finance programs, providing more robust credit report offerings. Furthermore, a user can configure a default credit provider in Global Settings – Credit Report if there are multiple MicroBilt accounts.

The Security Profile setting determines which ASPIRE users can override the default MicroBilt account when pulling credit reports. Then, users are able to harness credit data for exposure reporting and credit scorecard creation. Once your configurations complete, you are a few clicks away from pulling a credit report from your desired Credit Provider.

What is ASPIRE?

Comprehensive end-to-end management of leases and loans in a single platform environment. ASPIRE is a highly configurable equipment leasing software solution for the entire transaction lifecycle. By using a configuration-first approach, you don’t have to change the way you conduct business to fit the limitations of an application. Instead, ASPIRE is flexible enough to fit the way you run your business.

Effectively scale your business with the tools provided by our ASPIRE platform. As a comprehensive leasing software solution, ASPIRE is agile and robust, which offers the flexibility to adapt to the way your organization handles its day-to-day operations. To learn more about ASPIRE’s, visit our website at, or send us an email at

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