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Meet Our Veterans

At LeaseTeam, we’re proud of our employees who have served this country, past and present. It’s the courage and sacrifices of these individuals and so many others that make this country truly great. Below, our LeaseTeamers share what their time in uniform means to them, as well as photos from serving in their respective branch.

“I’ve always been proud of being an American. My father and many of my uncles served in WWII and they were very proud of their service and their country. As long as I can remember, I wanted to join the military. Maybe it was my father watching all those WWII movies? Either way, one of the proudest days of my life was becoming a Marine. I served four years and loved it. I have maintained many relationships that I made during my time of service. I guess I passed this love of country and honor of serving on to my children, because both of my sons served. My oldest son, Frank, was a Marine (he passed away a year and a half ago). My second son is currently in the Army and just got back from Afghanistan. ”

— Frank DeLira

“After receiving my Associates Degree, I couldn’t get a job, so I worked in the local factory while attending classes towards my bachelor’s degree at Ohio State University. My home town was on a fast decline and I needed to get out fast, so I joined the Air Force. The military shaped me as the person I am today! It taught me many things: work ethic and discipline, how to set goals and achieve them, adaptability and perseverance and last, but not least, a love for my country beyond what I knew.

What this all means is having a sense of pride, having each other’s backs and belonging to one of the biggest families in the world.”

— Tessa Shaffer

“I was in the Air Force from 1996-2000 as a computer programmer, stationed at Offutt AFB. I joined because it was the best option. College was out, as my grades sucked, and my family had no money for tuition. I could not stand the thought of working in the local factory like most of my classmates and their parents. Luckily, my entire enlistment was “peacetime”, so I did not deploy to any conflicts. I owe most of where I am today to joining the Air Force. I learned a viable skillset, with no student loans, and left the military with four years of practical experience. ”

— Nick Tiernan

“I joined the military for college money because I couldn’t afford it on my own. I was just about to complete my term of enlistment when 9/11 happened and I was stop-lossed. They sent me to Iraq to run supply convoys all over the country. I was stop-lossed a second time and sent back to Iraq running convoys again. After that, I re-enlisted and did my final tour in Afghanistan working in a prison.

I saw a lot of things, some good, some not so good. But it gave me a greater appreciation for the things I have and the life I live. I met so many good men and women that sacrificed so much to defend this country and it gives me a great sense of pride to be a part of that family.”

— Marty Timberlake

“I have had a great many family and friends serve in the United States armed forces before me, while I was serving, and since I have served. To make and keep this country great through wartime and peace, so many of those men and women who served provided great sacrifice, to include those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the country. I have so much respect for those who gave so much throughout our history and those who continue to do so today. I am humbled and honored to have done my small part to contribute to this great nation while serving in the United States Air Force. ”

— Kevin Truitt