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Equipment Lease and Loan Finance Software Platform

Meet Jack Gallagher

When did you begin working at LeaseTeam?

July 1994

What office do you work from?

Omaha, NE

What is your title and daily job?

Customs Manager. I write custom SOW’s, QA customs, deploy customs, administrate customs, and support customs. These work tasks are performed for LeasePlus, ASPIRE v4 and v5

What is your favorite project you have worked on – or – what was a benchmark that was reached that you are particularly proud of?

The Enbridge project is one of my favorite projects that I worked on. This project was done for Spartan Lease Bank, Blue Chip, Vista Credit, One Dealer and Eco Home. This project was done LeasePlus and will need to be developed again for ASPIRE v5 as soon as one of these LeasePlus customers upgrade to ASPIRE v5 or a new ASPIRE v5 Canadian customer. I look forward to helping out with the upgrade project.

Where were you born?

Cleveland, Ohio

What are 3 words to describe LeaseTeam?

Innovative, Leadership, and Teamwork