Executive Leadership


Lisa Holland

Controller and Director of Finance

Lisa Holland is the Controller and Director of Finance at LTi and is responsible for leading the company’s financial reporting, accounting, and related internal control functions. She has spent the majority of her career in the healthcare and media industries, gaining experiences in areas such as account management, human resources, finance, and accounting. She’s done everything from implementing new software to developing company-wide leadership curriculum. While Controller and Director of Finance is her primary job function by day, Lisa also enjoys watching her kids thrive at sports and taking road trips to destinations unknown.

Her motto is not to dwell on what could have done better yesterday but concentrate on what you can do today to make the tomorrow even better. Smiles are not only contagious, but they are the most economical, effective form of customer service. If you love what you do, the rest comes easy.

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Digital Transformation For Equipment Finance Matters

What is Digital Transformation and why does it matter? Digital transformation is the customer-centric reimagination of the future of digital technology into all areas of business. The transformation has brought many benefits to the equipment finance industry and has created a shift in the prevailing thinking and culture regarding adopting technology.

In the new reality of the post- COVID-19 economy, digital transformation has gone from a priority to absolutely critical for companies. Prior to COVID-19, companies took time with a slow and steady approach. However, the lessons learned by the disruption caused by the pandemic, has replaced the slow approach with need to accelerate digital transformation. It is now an imperative that companies begin driving a digital culture into their organization.

Equipment Leasing News at a Glance

2023 & Beyond: Digital Tech Trends In The Equipment Finance Industry

The key trends in equipment finance technology to look for in 2023 and beyond to look for:

Automation: Streamlining processes and providing faster, more accurate decision-making.
Digital Platforms: Transforming interactions with customers by enabling customers to apply for financing, manage accounts and access information and services online.
Internet of Things (IoT): Providing data on performance and usage to improve maintenance schedules, predict equipment replacement timeframes, and identify opportunities for cost savings.
Block-Chain Tech: Providing greater transparency and security enabling companies to create secure records of equipment ownership and transactions, reducing risk for fraud and errors.