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Tired of manually handling tax rates and jurisdictions? ASPIRE’s Advanced Sales Tax Engine can take over.

The advanced sales tax engine integrates with Commerce Clearing House (CCH) for rate files in U.S. and Canadian tax rates. ASPIRE also uses address validation to assign the appropriate taxing jurisdictions on customer locations. ASPIRE also provides the ability to configure tax products. The tax product allows for configuration by State/Province. So a tax product, such as late fees or property tax, may be non-taxable in one state. But it is taxable at the Use rate in another. There’s no cap on the number of tax products created to accommodate all types of billings that you may use. Based on the jurisdiction of the billing, ASPIRE will look to the tax product for the appropriate rate.

What is ASPIRE?

Comprehensive end-to-end management of leases and loans in a single platform environment. ASPIRE is a highly configurable equipment leasing software solution for the entire transaction lifecycle. With a configuration-first approach, ASPIRE doesn’t change the way you conduct business to fit the limitations of an application. Instead, ASPIRE is flexible enough to fit the way you run your business. Furthermore, our ASPIRE platform will effectively scale your business. As a comprehensive leasing software solution, ASPIRE is agile and robust, which offers the flexibility to adapt to the way your organization handles its day-to-day operations.

To learn more about ASPIRE’s Sales Tax Engine module, check out our website at or send an email to

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