What is flexible, adaptable, and has no limits? It may be your next great hire, but it can also be your next great module! The ASPIRE Advanced Billing Module features a flexible invoicing system that is configurable to meet unique customer needs.

Advanced Billing lets you create an unlimited number of Invoice formats by configuring Transaction and Invoice Codes. Transaction Codes define the different types of charges that you may bill. Good examples are Documentation Fees, Maintenance, Commissions, Security Deposits, etc. They even contain their own accounting and taxability details for enhanced reporting. Similarly, Invoice Codes drive the format where the invoice is presented, as well as the manner it will be distributed.

When it comes to processing, invoices can be created individually or in bulk for recurring billings. Think of things like rent, pass through maintenance, late fees, etc. Importantly, automation features are available to schedule the invoices that are created and distributed out of the ASPIRE solution.

Want to learn more about Advanced Billing in ASPIRE? Email us at info@ltisolutions.com or visit our website at www.ltisolutions.com.

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