Complete control over the entire Accounts Payable process? Yes, please.

This module activates the tools and screens that are necessary in ASPIRE to control all aspects of the A/P process. This includes recording and managing incoming vendor invoices. You will also have the ability to view the Vendor Invoice, Vendor Invoice Fundings and Purchase Order History.

Accounts Payable module lets users to create vendor purchase orders and process vendor invoices. ASPIRE allows you to create one or many invoice fundings for each vendor invoice for equipment on a contract. Users of the system will create document template to create purchase orders. The funding of vendor invoices allows ASPIRE to calculate interim interest charges. This will include support for the timing and amount of progress payments. With ASPIRE, you can automatically charge interim interest, whether that is before or after the booking of the deal.

With ASPIRE’s sophisticated framework, there is a clear segregation of duties and clearing account concept. Any errors are clearly identified during reconciliation of the defined account between the A/P system and ASPIRE. This ensures the risk of errors are minimal throughout the process.

To learn more about ASPIRE’s Accounts Payable module, visit our website at or send us an email to

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