Had I ever envisioned writing  the benefits of the cloud when I was a kid, it surely would have included historical references to, “The Jetsons.”  The reason is is because that’s how I imagined living in a cloud was supposed to be like by now.

But as unfortunate as it is that we still live very much on the ground. The idea that we connect so much of our daily personal lives to a virtual hub called the Cloud is fascinating. It’s like something that could be out of a science fiction novel. Its ease of use for things like making bank transactions or posting status updates isn’t relegated to just our personal lives. Below are five ways the Cloud can be both cost-effective and efficient in the office.

Your Security

For better or worse, we live in a time when even the most casual internet users have become hyperaware of their online security settings. Because Cloud Computing is projected to be more than a $100B business by 2018, companies are adhering to stricter standards of doing business. This is true in things like authentication, certifications, security patches and the like—meaning it’s safe and only getting safer. Plus, if you’ve ever had your laptop stolen, you wouldn’t need to scramble to recall any of the sensitive. It would all be located on the Cloud. Not to mention, Cloud Computing allows information to be wiped from lost or stolen devices!

Prepare for Disaster

Cloud Computing is viewed as a solution to any data archival, disaster recovery and business continuity needs. Because the information is stored on virtual servers, you won’t need a dedicated remote location to store your hardware. You can also transfer data from virtual server to virtual server, greatly reducing your cost and recovery times.

Work from Work. Or Home. Or Wherever

Cloud computing also enables you to work from your network, regardless of your location. All you need is Internet access to login to your own secure connection to perform day-to-day tasks in real-time. This keeps anyone at any location connected with the most current information. This often results in greater flexibility for everyone, without a hit in production.

Upgrade Software Automatically

Say goodbye to worrying about time consuming, and often costly, software upgrades. When you operate in the Cloud, you get new releases and innovations (including security updates) as they are released. This ensures that everyone is working with the latest and greatest software features.

Collaborate from Anywhere

No more making updates to the third version of a document, only to find out you needed the sixth version. Collaboration becomes easier than ever on the Cloud because documents are centrally stored on the virtual server. They can also be accessed by those who need them from anywhere on any device.

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