ASPIRE integrates with CT Lien and CSC Diligenz, both leaders in UCC filing processes, to allow users to seamlessly manage all aspects of their UCCs from ASPIRE.

Using the integration, you can file both UCC 1 (initial filing) and UCC 3 (any amendments) forms directly in ASPIRE, as well as fixture filings and PPSAs for Canadian customers (depending on the integration you are using). You can also track your organizational ID services (including your state-issued ID code) and run a report to see when any UCCs are about to expire. Plus, the integration can be configured to auto-generate multiple unique collateral descriptions and legal disclaimers (saving additional keystrokes!).

Not only will this significantly reduce the time and costs associated with the documentation process, but it will also eliminate many of the common filing errors associated with rekeying data. That means no more duplicate entries, because once UCC information is initially entered, it’s managed from a single location and auto-populated throughout the life of the filing.

To learn more about ASPIRE’s UCC Integration, check out our website at or send an email to

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