Having trouble opening a Support Ticket for ASPIRE or LeasePlus? LeaseTeam’s Support is the first stop when experiencing an issue. Tickets can be submitted via email to support@leaseteam.com. Please make sure to provide relevant details up front, including the following:

·         Company Name:

·         Your Name:

·         Phone Number:

·         Email Address:

·         Product (LP, ASPIRE, LSM, GP, Report Director, RDM):

·         Version:

·         Severity: Production down, Severe, High, Normal, Low

·         Full description of that problem or question (please include steps to recreate the issues as well):


When you describe the severity, please keep in mind initial response times. Please try to use your best judgement when selecting the level for an issue, as it is used to prioritize work fairly and appropriately for the situation. The severity levels are:

·         Production Down – Inability of all users to access one or more products – 15 to 30 minute initial response time

·         Severe – Production functionality not working for a specific area; critical business processes affected – 2 hour initial response time

·         High – Business is affected; issue is not impacting mission critical processes – 4 hour initial response time

·         Normal – Business moderately impacted; users can work; efficiency is hampered – 6 hour initial response time

·         Low – Business not impacted significantly; issue is annoying or an enhancement – 10 hour response time

*Initial Response Time is the time between a new ticket submission and the first contact by a Support Representative.

The severity level may change during the life of a ticket. For instance, severity level may be reduced with a viable workaround or the inability to recreate the problem. Severity may also be upgraded based on increased usage of the function, project deadlines, or increased frequency of the issue.

Want to learn more? Email us at support@leaseteam.com or call us at 1 (402) 493-3530.

Want to learn more about what ASPIRE has to offer? Visit our website at http://ow.ly/Swt2t

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