When did you begin working at LeaseTeam?

June 2017

What office do you work out of?


What is your title and daily job?

Software Engineer. I engineer software 🙂

Where were you born?

Lincoln, NE

What are 3 words to describe LeaseTeam?

Super Awesome People!

What did you always want to try, but never did?

Flying a plane

What is your favorite movie?

Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (but not really)

What is your favorite restaurant?

Five Guys. It’s good that it’s so expensive or I’d be there every day…

When you are not at LeaseTeam, what are you most likely doing?

Hanging out with my wife and daughter. That or video games

If you were to win 1 million dollars, what would you do with it?

Buy a whole bunch of cars

Where would you like to go on a dream vacation?

Scandinavia or Mars

What was your favorite toy or book as a child?

My Super Nintendo

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