Wanting a more efficient way to handle your cash transactions?

The ASPIRE Lockbox module users can enter cash transactions through the lockbox integration. The Lockbox file is Excel-based, making it an Excel-lent way to support any payment type you need! (e.x. Cash, Check, Credit Card, Wire Payments and more). Payments are automatically matched to open invoices based on a variety of configurable factors that include the customer number, contract number, and invoice number. At that point an open cash posting batch will originate for review and editing in the Cash Management Screen. If payments cannot be matched to open invoices, or if they do not precisely match the open payment amount, ASPIRE will only credit what is applicable. Likewise, ASPIRE will prompt a user with specific error messages for users to review if certain payments were not imported properly.  From there, you will be able to efficiently research for any unapplied payments and then apply them appropriately.

To learn more about ASPIRE’s Lockbox module, check out our website at www.leaseteam.com or send an email to info@leaseteam.com.

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