Remember that sandbox you played in as a kid? It probably served as the landscape for any adventures or expeditions your imagination went on, and the only limit to how much fun you had was the level of your own creativity. It didn’t matter that it was nothing more than a box (or fun animal shape) filled with sand that isolated you from the rest of the play area; the sandbox was a staple in most of our childhoods because of it offered a secure location for us to play in.

Fast-forward to grownup life and you probably won’t be found sitting in an insulated box of sand anytime soon. But adopting that mindset when it comes to your production environment might be an idea worth playing around with.

Test environments act like a big sandbox in regards to your production environment. They replicate what is happening in production to provide your developers with a safe and isolated playground to work on a variety of functions and testing, without having to worry about damaging anything that is live (including data).

Ready to play? Find out more about how leveraging test environments can help what you have in production thrive by downloading our info sheet below.

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