Job Stream

Needing to create a new job in JobStream in ASPIRE? JobStream is where new jobs are created to be run once at a scheduled time or repeated daily, weekly, or monthly. Existing jobs already setup can also be run on-demand from this screen. Running jobs also provides the...

Benchmark Setup

Need to set up Benchmarks in ASPIRE? Benchmark reflects the swap rate or cost of funds from the finance company’s funding source, for example, the Prime Lending Rate or LIBOR Interest Rate Index. The Benchmark is added to the yield and rate markup to determine the...

Opening a Support Ticket

Having trouble opening a Support Ticket for ASPIRE or LeasePlus? LeaseTeam’s Support is the first stop when experiencing an issue. Tickets can be submitted via email to Please make sure to provide relevant details up front, including the...

Private Label Setup Overview

What does private labeling do in ASPIRE? Private labeling provides a way to include unique information and a logo image on documents and correspondence for a finance program. The private label data is available through the private label data view and the document tags...

Meet Jenny Jarose

When did you begin working at LeaseTeam? July 2013 What office do you work out of? Omaha What is your title and daily job? Director of HR and Administration. I manage the Human Resource functions at LeaseTeam, along with the administration group. We handle everything...


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