Leveraging Technology to Go Green

July 2019 

(Originally published in the Canadian Equipment Finance magazine Summer 2019 issue.)

Going green is becoming a directive more than a movement, especially here in Canada. The Canada’s Changing Climate Report (CCCR), released April 2, 2019 by Environment and Climate Change Canada, states that we are experiencing overall warming at twice the global average.

Technology Roundtable

August 2015

We want to provide our readers with insight into how the use of technology can improve performance as well as enhance the customer experience. 

Industry Challenges

 July 2015

What are the kinds of industry challenges keeping executives awake at night and what advancements or opportunities can they address using your software and services?

Shadow Databases

 April 2015

Regardless of how much or how little equipment finance companies elect to become involved with the alternative finance marketplace, the takeaway should be there is a need to enter into the market in some capacity.

Improving the Customer Experience

 March 2015

The Equipment Finance Industry has evolved and so has its customers—today’s customers are digital, mobile and have more influence than ever before. 

Will Your Business Fall Victim to Digital Darwinism?

 January 2015

Before you answer that question, let me define Digital Darwinism for you. Digital Darwinism is the evolution of society and technology at a faster pace than a company’s ability to adapt.

Disrupting Technology in the Equipment Finance Industry

 December 2014

Digital transformation may sound like the latest word in buzzword bingo, but it is one of the most important initiatives facing businesses today.

Keeping Up with Technology

 May 2014

Technology is advancing rapidly, leaving many Equipment Finance companies struggling to define the impact and know where their business fits.

Marketing and the Equipment Finance Industry

 January 2014

Technology advancements have changed the way we conduct business, and as a result, changed the way we approach marketing.

Technology’s Evolving Role in the Equipment Finance Industry

 September 2013

When you are asked about your company’s technology needs, do you automatically begin thinking about what hardware and software is needed to get the job done?

Using Your Lease Management System as a Competitive Advantage

 June 2013

The Equipment Leasing and Finance industry has become extremely competitive due in part to commoditization, consolidation, excess liquidity and intensified regulatory scrutiny.

Growing Your Business Through Technology

 May 2013

When you are asked about your technology needs, do you automatically think about what hardware and software is needed to get the job done?

Facing Lease Management Systems Migrations Without Fear

 March 2013

There are many reasons for migrating to a new lease management system. Some of the more common ones include additional functionality, competitive advantages, the vendor is phasing out support and new industry regulations.

How Does Your Lease Management Software Position Your Business For Success?

 May 2012

How does your lease management solution position your business for success? If you are not sure how to answer that question, then you may already have a problem.

The Solution Provider of Choice in the Equipment Leasing and Finance Industry

 November 2011

It’s no coincidence that LeaseTeam is the solution provider of choice for more than 250 successful equipment
finance companies and, according to “The 2010 Monitor 100”, approximately 25% of the top 100 Equipment
Finance/Leasing Companies.

Effectively Using Social Media Part II

 November 2011

In our article last month we talked about the value of social media as a customer retention tool. This month we’re going to focus on the value of social media as a sales tool.

Effectively Using Social Media Part I

 October 2011

One of the first things I ask anyone who wants to start a social media program is, “What are you trying to accomplish?” 

The Secret to Optimizing Your Software Solutions

 July 2011

Most organizations realize the due diligence needed to ensure a high return on investment when implementing software solutions. 

Adding Mobile Technology To Your Business – Not If, When!

  June 2011

The increasing demands from customers, coupled with increasing competition are putting pressure on
businesses today. As a result, many businesses are looking into the benefits of deploying a mobile platform.

Leveraging SOA to Take Your Company to the Next Level

  May 2011

There is no question the leasing industry is evolving and changes are imminent. In preparation for these changes, leasing companies are evaluating the flexibility of their systems and how well they are positioned to handle changes.

A Starter Guide to System Compliance under the New Lease Accounting Rules

  April 2011

With the onset of the proposed lease accounting changes, the last few months in the leasing industry has been a whirlwind.

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