Here’s the scenario: you have an asset that has changed locations and needs to be updated. Better yet, you have 10 or 20 or 100 assets that have changed locations and need to be updated. Imagine the resource hours that could be spent on something like this, or the possibility for errors during this dull sequence of data entry.

With ASPIRE’s Global Equipment Update module, situations like the above don’t even have to be on your radar.

The Module essentially lets users make global updates to assets in bulk, just like the name implies. Users can simply download the details of asset records that need to be changed. The download is extracted to Microsoft Excel, creating a spreadsheet of the selected equipment line items and details. From there, users can edit any necessary data and import the changes back into ASPIRE to complete the mass update.

To learn more about the Global Equipment Update module, visit our website at or send us an email at

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