ASPIRE’s e-signature solutions help you finalize contracts faster and more securely. Collect signatures anywhere you need to be and process contracts quickly and efficiently. Adding electronic signature solutions like DocuSign or eOriginal to your ASPIRE configuration keeps your business moving forward. Today, we highlight how each of these integrations helps you stay in the digital lead.

Benefits of E-Signatures

The digitalization of the equipment finance industry is undeniable. Everyone and everything is now more connected, raising the expectations for speed and efficiency. As a result, your customers demand increased levels of service from you. Conventional methods of validating documents are losing favor. Replacing them are the more modern benefits of electronic signatures.

Wet-ink contracts take days, even weeks, to crawl through the mail and get processed. Customers who need equipment financing won’t wait that long anymore. They want financing decisions within minutes so they can move quickly to get their assets. Electronic document management systems and electronic signatures make this possible. The benefits of e-signatures include:

  1. Improved productivity
  2. More reliable security
  3. Increased convenience
  4. Better customer experience

Additionally, there is the cost savings involved in using more digital signatures. Earlier this summer, LTi’s own Travis Melchior wrote in an article for the Canadian Equipment Finance magazine that, “In the United States it has long been estimated that the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of standard printer paper each year. In our industry, that number goes up dramatically as many of us rely on large document packages to sign leases and loans and keep track of physical assets.” Imagine what your business can do with that level of savings.

You can read his full article here: Leveraging Technology to Go Green

Highlighting ASPIRE’s E-Signature Solutions

ASPIRE helps you take the lead through its highly configurable architecture. It lets you choose the modules you need so you can run your business the way you want. Best of all, you can configure ASPIRE to ensure that you keep up with digital trends. For example, ASPIRE’s e-signature solutions, DocuSign and eOriginal, are two of our best modules for keeping you ahead of the digital pack.

Let’s look at what these two e-signature integrations do for your business in today’s digital economy:

DocuSign Solution

Firstly, our DocuSign integration enhances ASPIRE’s workflow by automating document processing from end to end. DocuSign speeds up processing and reduces data entry errors, improving the overall experience for ASPIRE users. DocuSign allows businesses of any size, from any location, to conduct business 100% digitally without the inherent risks of paper-based methods.

Secondly, ASPIRE’s DocuSign solution gives you faster originations, completing an origination lifecycle in mere seconds. You no longer have to wait days, or even weeks, to finalize a deal. Once the signing event is complete, authoritative copies are stored in a UCC compliant & electronically secured database. Then, you can transfer control of the authoritative copies to third-parties, use a Certified Print Request for litigations, and more. Your email and signing rooms are also configurable to match your company’s trade styling.

ASPIRE’s DocuSign e-signature solutions can also help you:

  • Increase your customer satisfaction scores
  • Speed up your company’s revenue realization goals
  • Improve the security and accuracy of your data
  • Get higher conversion rates with e-sign versus wet-ink processes

eOriginal Solution

Our eOriginal integration works a lot like DocuSign. It also allows you to generate customized electronic documents that can be immediately emailed to customers for their digital signature. ASPIRE’s eOriginal module speeds up processing times and reduces data-entry errors, allowing companies of any size to conduct business 100% digitally. That saves you time and money.

ASPIRE’s eOriginal solution allows you to simplify your lease and loan origination process, pooling contracts faster and more efficiently. This digital signature integration helps you reduce your sales cycle time, giving your customers a higher tier of service. You can sign and manage financing contracts from origination through to securitization. Additionally, your email and signing rooms can be altered to match your company’s trade styling and logos.

Each of our e-signature solutions give you many of the same benefits, including:

  • Higher productivity
  • Reduced paper costs (see above)
  • Faster contract completions

Furthermore, electronic signature solutions give you more legally defensible signatures. Take a look at The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) for more information. Also, see the Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN Act) published in the FDIC manual. Why would you choose anything else?

Coming to the E-signature Conclusion

With all the advantages of e-signature solutions, integrating DocuSign or eOriginal with LTi’s ASPIRE platform is an easy choice. You save time, save money, improve your customer service, and protect your company’s data. By choosing more electronic document management solutions, you position your company as a digital leader in the equipment finance industry. Above all, your customers get the financing they need with the service they deserve.

Click the tab on the right hand side of your screen and talk to our Sales team today. Find out more about how ASPIRE paired with LTi’s e-signature solutions can help you thrive in our growing digital economy.

BJ Cary
Marketing Content Specialist
LTi Technology Solutions |

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