It’s conference time again! Just kidding, it’s always conference time in the lease and loan industry. Why you ask? Because we are a constantly evolving environment, with new rules, regulations, techniques, and technology coming out faster than we can keep up with. All of these things and more are the reasons you need to go into your conferences firing on all engines to get the most bang for your buck, and your brain.

Whether you are jetting off to a sunny spot or roughing it in a tundra somewhere, conference must-haves and must-dos stay the same. Take it from LTi on what not to forget when traveling from your home to hotel room, room to classes, and back home again:

Before you go:

  • Set your out of office reply. Odds are you will be checking and replying to emails anyways, but better safe than sorry if a client or coworker is trying to get in touch. Check out these Out of Office emails that get the point across, and maybe even a laugh. (link: )
  • Double, triple check all reservations, travel plans, and session enrollments. No surprises are the best surprises.
  • Read and study exhibitor and attendee lists if they are available. There may be someone you want to meet or focus on when you get there.
  • Set a wish list: people to meet, goals for things to learn and number of questions to ask, a number of connections to make, things that can be brought back with you to prove you went.
  • Pack tactfully – comfortable shoes! Jackets! Casual clothes! Oh my! You should look at conference events and make sure you are bringing the appropriate wear for each event.
  • Don’t just pack clothes: you won’t regret bringing too many business cards or information briefs or packets on your company.
  • It is also somewhat important to figure out things to do outside conference business. You want your nights to focus on networking for the most part, but if you do find yourself with some free time then don’t waste it in your room.


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