It’s conference time again! Just kidding, it’s always conference time in the lease and loan industry. Why you ask? Because we are a constantly evolving environment, with new rules, regulations, techniques, and technology coming out faster than we can keep up with! All of these things and more are the reasons you need to go into your conferences firing on all engines to get the most bang for your buck, and your brain.

Whether you are jetting off to a sunny spot or roughing it in a tundra somewhere, conference must-haves and must-dos stay the same. Take it from LeaseTeam on what not to forget when traveling from your home to hotel room, room to classes, and back home again:

Take Something Home:

  • Follow up with some of the connections you made. Did you discuss something you were interested in? Was there talk of new business? Finish your conversations and take advantage of the connections! Continue to add connections you made on LinkedIn.
  • Share the wealth! You may have learned something your coworkers do not know. Hold a meeting or two discussing the new things you learned and the people you met. Hand out some the note you took. Discuss whether you will return and why.
  • Give honest feedback! This is probably one of the most important things post-conference. Many companies will make surveys available during or after a conference to measure their success. Did you go to a conference and leave unimpressed or feel you wasted your time? Tell them! Did you love the conference and hope to attend more like it? Tell them! You may be able to help them improve for next year, which you could possibly be returning to!

Does your company hold a conference? Tell your conference planner what you do and don’t like about the ones you attend.

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