It’s conference time again! Just kidding, it’s always conference time in the lease and loan industry. Why you ask? Because we are a constantly evolving environment, with new rules, regulations, techniques, and technology coming out faster than we can keep up with! All of these things and more are the reasons you need to go into your conferences firing on all engines to get the most bang for your buck, and your brain.

Whether you are jetting off to a sunny spot or roughing it in a tundra somewhere, conference must-haves and must-dos stay the same. Take it from LTi on what not to forget when traveling from your home to hotel room, room to classes, and back home again:

Networking tricks:

  • Keep your head up! This is vital, but easy to forget when you always have your phone to distract yourself. Make sure you are approachable with your right hand always free for a handshake.
  • As mentioned in the “Before Leaving” chapter, Read and study exhibitor and attendee lists if they are available and make targets. Keep an eye out for their name tags in-between sessions and at events. If all else fails, just ask one of the hosts to point you towards them.
  • Also mentioned in “Before Leaving,” be generous with your abundance of business cards that you so tactfully brought with you.
  • Don’t autopilot your conversations, be respectful and make the conversation about them and their company instead of only answering questions. You never know what you might find out.
  • Seek out connections you may have already had, and use the face-to-face opportunity to manage them.
  • Use your resources to connect. LinkedIn is an excellent way to keep people’s information. You don’t need to have your phone in your hand, just have it in an accessible place for when you may want to grab someone’s name quickly. Don’t think your LinkedIn profile is up to speed? Here are some tips to get it there.
  • If you don’t have time to connect in-between sessions or at the after-hours events, use breakfasts and lunches as a way to sit down with someone new. Use a good meal as your ultimate icebreaker.


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