Bring Your Authentic Self to Work

Different is good – so be yourself because we like it better that way. Embracing diversity makes us better and means better outcomes for our customers. Inclusion is also more than just representation by numbers. It’s knowing that you have a safe place at work. At LTi, we believe in kindness, respect, equity, and acceptance. It’s at the heart of everything we stand for.

Equally Together – Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At LTi, we are firm with our commitment to provide an environment where our team members can be their true, authentic selves. Equality is at the core of LTi’s values. Creating a culture of equality is the right thing to do and the smart thing to do also. Our commitment to these values is unwavering. We know that having diverse perspectives helps generate better solutions to solve the complex problems of a changing and increasingly diverse industry.

What Our Employees are Saying About LTi

“I get to work with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences, as well as with people and companies from various industries. At LTi, you will get to help facilitate change, grow in your career, and generate positive results.”
Diana Henry

Senior Digital Content Writer, at LTi

“The culture at LTi is amazing. Since joining the team, I have been welcomed and supported by everyone I’ve interacted with. It’s easy to enjoy going to work when you’re surrounded by great people and work with a great product!”

Austin Moore

Implementation Specialist, at LTi

“I like working at LTi because our culture has a feel of a “smaller company” but we’re doing big things. LTi constantly stays up-to-date with the changing demands of employee engagement. I love the freedom in my job due to the importance that LTi puts on their employees’ work-life balance.”

Micaela Sheehan

CRM Administrator, at LTi

“LTi has allowed me to grow and learn in a job I love doing. Being a part of a fun and family-oriented company really helps me enjoy every day at LTi. I am thankful to be able to work remotely and still feel connected with my team.”

Brittany Romero

Digital Graphic Designer, at LTi

“I enjoy working at LTi because I feel empowered to make an impact and the challenge to better myself in the industry and my personal skills.”
Danie Langer

Senior Business Analyst, at LTi

“I think it’s a fun place to work and I can’t thank them enough for working with me through my military deployments and family situation.”
Marty Timberlake

System Engineer, at LTi

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