Keeping up with the benefits and uses of the more than 30 modules and integrations built for ASPIRE can be a tall task, so we started Module Mondays to share a little more about these functionalities for our ASPIRE users and prospects alike.

First up: Advanced Billing.

ASPIRE’s Advanced Billing module features a flexible invoicing system that is configurable to meet unique customer needs without having to create invoices off line. After that, there is only one word that you need to know: unlimited.

As in Advanced Billing lets you create an unlimited number of extremely configurable Invoice Codes. ASPIRE utilizes Invoice Codes for the format that invoices will be presented and the manner that invoices will be distributed (print, email or no print). ASPIRE also utilizes configurable Transaction Codes that store the invoice description, as well as the accounting and taxability rules, and the types of charges that will be billed and invoiced (like rent, maintenance, etc.).

Additionally, the Module allows for the storage of each invoice that has been created at the transaction level and provides the ability to view, print and/or email all historical invoices.

And when it comes to processing, invoices can be created in bulk for recurring billings (rent, pass through maintenance, late fees, etc.).

Want to learn more about Advanced Billing in ASPIRE? Email us at or visit our website at

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